Rainbow Rider re-located to the San Diego Ca. in 2007.      We are manufacturers, importers, distributors.      We deal in a wide ranging mixture of cutting edge jewelry and related items.      We supply stores across the US.      We started out traveling to and then importing from Guatemala in the late 80's.      By the late 90's we had blended a strong fashion jewelry component to our line.      We WHOLESALE to retailers/ re-sellers.    We have a $100.00 minimum order requirement.

Wholesale Friendship Bracelets | Worry Dolls | Hemp Bracelets | Hacky Sacks | Hemp Jewelry | Wholesale Headbands | Wholesale Earrings | Wholesale Trendy Jewelry | Wholesale Leather Jewelry | Wholesale Beach Jewelry | Wholesale Rasta | Wholesale Guatemala | Wholesale Festival | Wholesale Hippie Jewelry | Wholesale Leather Bracelets | Wholesale Jewelry Show