First picture: Mayan women selling their wares at a typical market day in Guatemala. Second picture: Lake Atitlan in the central mountain highlands of Guatemala with picturesque volcanoes in the background.

Rainbow Rider is a wholesaler of various accessories and related items.
We are importers and distributors of a mixture of things for different markets.
We mostly work out of Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Nepal, and The Philippines
We try to maintain popular and interesting products for the continually changing markets we serve.

We initially started our business in 1989 selling at Festivals and Grateful Dead concerts.
We have evolved into an Wholesale eCommerce business, supplying stores around the country and in other countries. 

Call (619) 271-4686 any time.  We're hapy to give you a reccomendation as to what we think would be good for you shop in your area. 
Or shoot us an email at
We have a $100.00 wholesale-only minimum order requirement.