Rainbow Rider is a wholesaler of various artisan accessories and related items.
First picture: Mayan women selling their wares at a typical market day in Guatemala. Second picture: Lake Atitlan in the central mountain highlands of Guatemala with picturesque volcanoes in the background.

We are importers and distributors of various artisan products, catering to different types of themed stores; including Mexican Artisan stores, Hippie stores, Ethnic stores, Rasta stores, Beach stores, Music stores and so on.

I fell in love with the business of selling in the parking lot at Grateful Dead concerts in the 1980s and 1990s. I went full-time into the business starting with my first trip to Guatemala in the fall of 1989. I started gradually traveling, buying and exporting goods to the US for resale. Guatemala is still my mainstay. But over the years, I’ve shifted with the times and the trends and added different collections of products from different countries. This currently includes Mexico, Peru, Nepal, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

I enjoy working closely with small “mom-and-pop” stores as well as large-scale distributors around the world. The Indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala make so many wonderful things that it is impossible to stock everything. I am in the process of developing an extensive list of additional things that I just get up on request, under the “Special Order Guatemala” theme. In addition, I can also do certain types of custom things, such as name-dropped footbags and bracelets. Get in touch with me for more details.